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About Us


About The Training Centre of Wellbeing

Our training centre offers both accredited and self development classes in addition to our unique selection of professional development and business & management training, to ensure the success of your business.  We are committed to raising the standards in the holistic field of medicine.  Our courses include anatomy and physiology training, case studies, and codes of conduct.  We offer ongoing support to our students via online study groups.  Our courses can be studied by attending an intense training weekend, or you can spread the learning and the cost by attending our monthly classes.  Our courses are fully compliant with National Occupational Standards and are constantly updated with changes in legislation and the latest research.

The Training Centre of Wellbeing currently has 98% student retention and 100% student pass rates.

Studying a therapy and completing your course is just the first step in becoming a successful holistic practitioner.

Working with the therapy, being aware of the legalities surrounding your practice, learning to communicate effectively with your clients and manage your business are all skills you need to make this work for you.

Do you know that the holistic field of medicine is changing and developing and more regulations are coming into force? How do you keep up to date with the research?

Do you know which acts of parliament are applicable to your practice?

Do you understand how to run your business or are you paying a professional to support you with this?

Our courses provide you with all the skills you need to achieve a quality and professional practice!

Understanding the human body is essential to being an effective holistic practitioner. Our Anatomy and Physiology course teaches you all about the body’s systems.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is essential to everyone’s health. Our Nutritional therapy course will enable you to help yourself, friends, family and clients achieve optimum health.

Our active listening skills course equips you with basic counselling skills, our professional practitioner course makes sure your aware of all the compliance issues and our business management course gives you the knowledge you need to manage your business effectively, saving the costs of employing professionals to build websites, market your business and handle the financial aspects.

Visit our events section to view the upcoming events or contact us to receive course brochures.

Our holistic practitioner courses are accredited with the leading membership body and approved by Balens Holistic Insurance. They are all classroom based and supported with research and comprehensive reference manuals. We adopt a variety of teaching methods ensuring that the classes are fun, interactive and support a variety of learning styles.

Not sure where to start? Contact us to talk to our careers adviser who will help you develop a personal development plan.

We are committed to raising the standards of holistic medicine training, and to YOUR success.

Our Courses

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Our Business and Management courses are designed to help you succeed in your wellbeing business.

We host a variety of continuing professional development courses to enable you to keep your finger on the pulse and stay up to date with latest research and developments in the wellbeing sector.

An evergrowing list of accredited holistic courses. Due to changes in legislation and insurance companied requirements, we no longer offer study by way of distance learning.

Take control of your health with our nutrition diploma.  You are able to offer general nutrition advice only after completing this course.  Clinical Nutrition training is required to treat disease at degree level or above.

Optimal health is only possible with a wholistic approach.  We offer a range of accredited mind therapies to complete your healing practice.

Our Reiki courses are unique and combine the ancient reiki energies with the egyptian healing techniques, and vibrational therapy.

A powerful therapy incorporating the latest research in essential oils and vibrational frequency. An exeptional combination of healing modalities. Practitioner training is only available through our centre.

Accredited practitioner courses in Tuning Fork Therapy in association with the Tuning Fork Therapy Association.

Our new accredited business freedom courses teach you everything you need in order to hit the ground running.

You can learn the skills of the trade and everything you need to run your own business including how and where to sell your services or product.

Extend your holistic practice to include our animal companions by training in our unique therapies.

Check out our upcoming online study courses.