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We offer a range of courses for those interested in animal healing and communication.

Animal Courses

Use our contact form to request full course brochures which have detailed syllabus information, pre-requisites and details of the qualification.

Animal Reiki Practitioner - 2 Day training course £250

In this course you will learn how to use Animal Reiki; a simple, non-invasive alternative therapy to help animals balance on physical, mental/emotional, and energetic levels.

Learn how to connect with animals so that you can help them to heal.

You will learn how to conduct Animal Reiki sessions from start to finish on animals. You will learn how to perform hands-on Animal Reiki sessions as well as how to perform Reiki with an animal from short and long distances.

Animal Tuning Fork Practitioner ™ 4 day training £750

This is an intense study package over 4 days which will result in you being a fully accredited Tuning Fork Practitioner as well as certificated Animal Practitioner. Not only will this course give you a recognised qualification, it will also mean you can teach your own students through the therapy association programme. This is run in association with The Tuning Fork Therapy Association.

Our animal courses include hands on sessions with some of our furry friends.  They include the theory of healing dogs, cats, birds, small animals, farm animals, wildlife and horses. Exploring the psychology, physical and energetic bodies.  Many of our students go on to study animal communication and basic animal care to enhance their practicce. We have more animal healing courses coming in 2018.

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