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Mind Therapy Courses

"The Centre of Wellbeing offers a full spectrum of holistic courses covering the body, the mind and the soul"

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Active Listening 12 month course £240

Active listening, are skills that all holistic therapists should have in their tool box. Our brand new accredited course is being bought to you over 12 monthly evening classes of 2 hours and starts soon.

The cost of this course is £240 and can be spread over the 12 months. A deposit is payable of £75 followed by 11 instalments of £15.

• Introduction

• History of Counselling

• Why Counselling

• Counselling

• Active listening

• Interview Skills

• Empathy

• Trial and error

• Techniques

• Motivational Interviewing

• Tactics

• Grief and bereavement

Certification and accreditation is gained after attending all 12 sessions, successful completion of assignments and case studies.

Also available as distance learning.