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"Reiki in itself is a powerful healing modality, but combine this with sound or egyptian healing techniques and what you have is a truly unique experience.  Training in reiki with The Centre of Wellbeing was an incredible experience and unique in so many ways.  My reiki practice has now gone to a whole other level"

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Reiki Training Courses

Vibrational Reiki Training

Vibrational Reiki Training

Vibrational Reiki is the newest form of energy healing that combines Reiki, Sound and Vibrations into a system of natural healing that is more powerful and healing than any one system is alone.

In this certification you will become a Usui Reiki practitioner, a sound therapist AND a Vibrational Reiki practitioner.

This system contains four levels of training, attunements and certification which take place over three long weekends of training.

The first level in November starts at 6.30pm on November 3rd to 9.30pm, 10am on Saturday November 4th to 9pm and on Sunday the 5th November 10am to 6pm.

This powerful marriage of sound, vibration and energy enhances even the most basic of healing sessions and delves deep into the layers of disease and disharmony. This energy system works on multiple layers of healing including the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body.

You will discover how to combine both of these wonderful modalities into your next healing session to bring healing and balance to your client base.

About Vibrational Reiki Level One

In Vibrational Reiki level one, you will learn the wonderful natural healing power of Reiki.

Students will also learn:

*Hand positions for healing self and others

*The Cleansing Process

*How to Use Reiki on food, medicine, gemstones, plant and animals

*How to hold the hands when giving Reiki

*The Chakra System-discover what secrets each of your chakras hold for you. Find out what happens to your body when a chakra is out of balance. Learn how to put balance back into your chakra and energy system.

*Learn how to 'beam' Reiki energy across the room, or across the country.

*Find out what those energy sensations you are feeling really mean.

*Learn about tuning forks.

*Discover how to use tuning forks in a healing session.

*Learn how to hold, activate and use tuning forks for a variety of things in your everyday life.

*Learn three symbols and how these symbols can help to heal, ground, balance and protect you.

At each level of training, students will receive attunements to new symbols, learn new techniques and discover new ways to incorporate the healing powers of Reiki, sound and vibration together in the healing system

All together, this is an unbeatable system of total healing.

When you have completed ALL three levels of Reiki training and the tuning forks level, you will be certified to train others in this healing modality.

Each level is £250 including forks, manual and 2 days training on each level. Please note that places on these courses are strictly limited to ensure a personal and thorough level of teaching. Deposits of £100 can secure your place. Please note that deposits are non refundable due to student kits that are uniquely referenced to you and are non transferable. Balances of £150 are due no later than 23rd September 2017. Your course fee covers the training, Usui Reiki Level 1 manual and certification, Vibrational Reiki Level 1 manual, certification and quality tuning forks.

If you are thinking of starting your Reiki journey then why not combine it with the sound and vibrational reiki for a powerful and enhanced system of healing. If you are already attuned to Reiki and would like to incorporate tuning forks to your healing then you may be interested in our tuning fork Practitioners training.

Reiki Seichim Training

Our Reiki Seichem Training weekends run throughout the year. Each level is 2 days training.

What you get on each level:

Level 1: Training Weekend, Full PDF Level 1 manual, Egyptian healing wand, keyring, violet flame attunement, and an opportunity to experience pyramid healing and certification

Level 2: Training Weekend, Full PDF Level 2 manual, Chakra balancing with Crystal Singing Bowls, Practitioners badge and certification.

Master/Teacher Level: Training Weekend, All Love guidebook by Diane Shewmaker, Reiki Seichem Master Attunement and the 7 facet system, meditation and music files, Full PDF Master manual and certification.

Lunch and Refreshments are included on all the weekends which cost £100 for Level 1, £100 for Level 2 and £150 for Level 3.

You can join Level 2 if you have completed level 1 Seichem with us or elsewhere or are a Reiki Master in another system. The Master/Teacher Level is for Reiki Seichem practitioners only.

Our level 1 and 2 manuals are available to purchase for £25 each should you require them after not studying these levels with us but are only available to our students.

Check out our events for upcoming training dates. Our group sizes are kept small ensuring a personal and effective teaching environment.