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"The Centre of Wellbeing offers a full spectrum of holistic courses covering the body, the mind and the soul"

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Active Listening 12 month course £375

Active listening, are skills that all holistic therapists should have in their tool box. This fully accredited course is being bought to you over 12 monthly evening and daytime classes of 2 hours.  You will be able to communicate effectively with clients and be able to give them the space they need and encourage them to openly discuss any issues for which they require treatment. **

Certification and accreditation is gained after attending all 12 sessions, successful completion of assignments and case studies.

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2018 dates are now fully booked.

Meditation Master Practitioner £450

Meditation can be a major factor in achieving health and happiness. Meditation gives your mind a rest from your brain, it strengthens intuition and when practised regularly helps us to live without the chronic stress and fear that our logical brain inflicts on us.

Meditation practised regularly is known to help improve sleep, raise energy levels, motivate you to make other changes in your life that all lead to a new and improved lifestyle.

Ask yourself not "why do I need to meditate?", but instead "why aren't I meditating?"

Like anything in life, you can't be an expert from day one. Meditation takes practice and time to master and to see improvements, but when they come, they snowball and you never look back.

Learn to be a meditation master practitioner. Transform not only your own life, but that of your friends, family and clients. Available as monthly evening classes. The next intake will be in 2019. Contact us for more information.

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